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The Fall

In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm, a fantastic story about 5 mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination, the line between fiction and reality starts to blur as the tale advances.

Maybe too ambitious this drama told through a children’s tale.

Photography is great, though.
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2009-02-02 : Mark Bourne
…a movie that not only expected me to pay attention, it assumed that I could.
2008-12-17 : Bill Stamets
The girl and the hospital patients and staff also turn up in his improvised adventure, extravagantly garbed by costume designer Eiko Ishioka.
2008-10-03 : Trevor Johnston
The pacing drags and the cliched tussle between childhood innocence and adult disillusionment can only go one way. Better to experience it than think about it, fair to say.

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